1. What is copywriting?

Copywriting is another word for “marketing writing.” It refers to text that’s used to market a product in some way. When someone creates the text for an advertisement, website, brochure, catalog, direct mail piece, tagline, white paper, social media post, or any other marketing communication, they are writing copy..  

    1. How is content writing different?

When a writer creates copy for a piece of content marketing, they are doing a different form of copywriting. Traditional copywriting skills will only get them so far. Exciting product descriptions, compelling calls to action, and promotional offers that are often found in marketing copy are typically absent from content marketing. Content writing requires a different set of skills because the goals of content marketing are different from most other forms of marketing writing.Content marketers don’t typically promote specific offers or products. Instead, they seek to build relationships with consumers by providing valuable, educational, or entertaining information, usually at no charge to the consumer. These relationships are the foundation on which brand recognition and loyalty can be built.

    1. What’s the relationship between copywriting and content marketing?

Writers and producers of content marketing should know that the goal of any marketing writing (whether it’s part of an advertisement or part of a piece of content) is to convey information about a product or service to potential customers.

So while content needs to be crafted with an indirect marketing goal in mind, it still carries some message about the brand. For example, Fractl might produce an interesting piece of content about airline germs for a travel booking company. In that case, the travel company isn’t selling disinfectant, or anything related to germs.To recap, copywriting is typically more product-focused and often has direct conversion goals. Content marketing, on the other hand, is often tangentially related to the product. Instead of attempting to make a sale, the goal is to positively influence the reader by adding value. The goal is to form a positive brand association in the reader’s mind.

    1. So how do I create content that is marketable?

For starters, avoid the temptation to sell something. Almost all content marketing is based on the principle that people prefer to buy from people and brands they like. And providing value to others without the expectation of a reward is one of the best ways to win a customer over.

    1. Adapting Content Creation or Copywriting to your Business

Now that you know the difference between copywriting and content marketing writing, you’ll be able to make informed decisions when it comes to content creation. Too often, we’ve seen marketing teams who thought they could pay a freelance writer to create a bunch of blog posts, only to see disappointing results. Instead, we hope you’ll use what you’ve learned to create online content that’s well-formatted, well-structured, built to rank, and optimized to reach your content goals.

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