Nadine Ezzedine
January 27, 2022
Midtown Pharmacy Website
January 27, 2022

Nephrocare is a privately held hospital committed to improving the care of patients with acute and chronic kidney disease, hypertension, on dialysis, or post-renal transplant.

Our journey started with Nephrocare from scratch it wasn't only about building their identity including the logo, the business card, and other stationery essentials, the logo combines the three main elements that describe the concept which is the doctor, the hand represents the care, and the kidney to refer to the hospital's specialty.
IIS E-Solutions a digital marketing agency in Beirut, Limassol, and Detroit took Nephrocare to a new level from the branding section right to the development and design team.

Especially this year, health has been the most important thing that people need to take care of other than Covid-19 and other well-known diseases. By that, Nephrocare shed the light on kidney problems and how people can treat these cases and be aware of getting affected by this health issue. With very experienced and professional doctors, IIS E-Solutions built a corporate website to help them provide easy specialized medical management throughout the Detroit metropolitan area. The website was built by our web developers and designers through WordPress, where all the needed information for patients is available in an easy and pleasant design.

Client: Nephrocare
Location: Detroit
Category: Health

Since: 2021