1. What is creativity in marketing?

Implementing creativity in marketing is the process of incorporating creative concepts and ideas into your marketing strategies with the goal of selling a product or service. Typically, the objectives and goals of creative marketing are the same as traditional forms of marketing. The strategies and approaches may vary widely. Using creativity in marketing can give your audience an experience that inspires, engages, surprises or incorporates them.

    1. Why is creativity in marketing important?

It’s important to include creativity in marketing for a wide variety of reasons. While strategic methods are common forms of marketing, it’s also helpful to develop creative approaches to marketing. 

    1. How to conduct creative marketing campaigns

Conducting creative marketing campaigns requires originality and alignment with your organization’s goals, brand and objectives. There are a few different strategies you might choose to implement to begin executing creative marketing campaigns

    • Find inspiration

Before you begin, try to find inspiration for new campaign ideas. One way to do this is by researching successful creative campaigns and observing what other brands have attempted. Another way is by conducting meetings with various marketing planners, creatives and other marketing experts to learn more about potential processes to implement within your team

    • Focus on one challenge

One strategy you might use is to channel your team’s creativity into solving one particular problem. For example, imagine that your target audience seems to include people of several age groups. You might use this information to develop a creative approach to reaching multiple people within each age group.

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