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Integrated Information Services (IIS for E-Solutions) is a full service digital advertising Company. As one of the top online solutions companies in lebanon, we helped our customers build their digital presence and develop their businesses. Since 2009, Hundreds of missions and projects were served and developed.

We believe in delivering high quality web designs, mobile application design and development and digital marketing strategies. No matter whether you have small, medium, or large scale business, you can always rely on our expertise to have your back. We aim to serve our clients with the best services to give them satisfaction.



A mobile app available for Android and IOS devices in addition to a website version to manage all maintenance routines work. Best solution for Big companies, Mall and municipalities.



To manage all your business travel achievements. Best solution for business man and trader who would like to manage their business trip.



A complete solution including mobile app, website, e-commerce platform and reports...Best solution for small and medium business who would like to easily sell their products online.



This app can be used by any business owner who is trying to simplify his daily tasks and get more visibility on his company’s daily revenue and achievements.


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