How to Build an Electronic Medical Record System (EMR or EHR)

    1. What’s the Difference Between EMR and EHR

Some people say EMR and EHR are different. If you want my opinion, it’s the same thing. That happens to align with how leading EHR/EMR providers like Epic and Cerner define their software, too: the terms are sprinkled across their sites seemingly at random.

    1. EHR Software Development Process

Most development agencies love when a customer comes with a ready plan and a clear vision, so they can start executing without delay. Others, like Topflight Apps, prefer to help you form your strategy, sometimes starting with nothing but a napkin sketch.For example, we’d take you through a well-defined discovery process that we call Pre-flight Workshop and help you align your EHR vision with your end goals tied to specific ROI metrics. EHR system doctor abstractionAt the end of this step, you will have a solid understanding of why you are building the EHR system and a rough vision of its components. Here we come close to one thing that’s often overlooked by people sharing their thoughts on EMR software development.

    1. Tech Stack for Building EMR/EHR Software

A word of advice here would be to check whether the team can work with your existing solutions and other third-party services you want to integrate with. One more thing worth double-checking is to ask for a microservices-based approach to the EHR’s architecture, which should be an obvious no-brainer to any capable team.

    1. How to Make Your EHR/EMR System HIPAA Compliant?

HIPAA is an essential guideline that any EHR/EMR software should be compliant with. That is because they work with sensitive patient data that should be properly protected. Make sure that your app is HIPAA compliant by exploring the information here, or hire an experienced team that offers healthcare development services, allowing you to rest assured knowing that your team knows every minor legal aspect of the process. If you’re thinking of storming the healthcare industry with an innovative HIPAA compliant healthcare app, contact us for a detailed estimate. Our fully-packed medical app development company in the USA is ready to cover all your needs and ideas! We know how to create a telehealth app with great market potential.

    1. Benefits of Using an EMR and EHR Systems For Healthсare Organizations

All the papers you have that create a physical records system take space. To give this space, you also buy file cabinets, which cost not only money but take up your business space. Therefore, EMR software development allows you to reduce the costs needed for paper storage while also freeing space for your business needs now or in the future. With these apps, you can easily store all papers and files on a single hard drive and be backed up by the Cloud.

    1. Must-Have Features of an EHR/EMR System

A patient portal in EMR software development works as a stand-alone app or as an extension to the system. To create a patient portal account, users should get corresponding documents such as activation codes or instructions that will help them activate and use the portal from the chosen healthcare provider.