1. Choose an objective

  • Awareness ads will help build brand or product awareness among potential customers
  • Promote Places lets you promote locations. 
  • App installs will drive people to download your app.
  • With the traffic objective you can send people to a website of your choice, like a landing page or a product page.
  • The engagement objective gets more users to engage with your advertisement.
  • Video views will promote your video ad.
  • Website conversions will track meaningful interactions on your website, like purchases.
  • Catalog sales will display catalog of your products

    1. Name your campaign

Devise a naming system that resonates with your understanding, ensuring immediate comprehension of the campaign’s essence for efficient organizational purposes

    1. Choose a start and end date and decide on a budget

Mastering Snapchat Ad Budget Management: Learn the difference between daily spend caps and lifetime spend caps. Control your advertising expenses effectively by understanding how these options work. Adjust and optimize your budget strategy to achieve the best results for your Snapchat ads campaign

    1. Create your ad set

Enhance Ad Performance with Snap Pixel Integration: Explore the Ad Set Details page to effortlessly activate your Snap pixel, empowering you to gauge campaign effectiveness. Leverage the Snap pixel’s capabilities to track post-ad interaction on your website, gaining valuable insights into user actions and optimizing your strategies for unparalleled success

    1. Build your ad

Craft Captivating Snapchat Ads: Embark on the ad design journey as you progress to the following screen. Unveil your creativity by uploading visuals, incorporating your brand identity, crafting compelling headlines, and implementing impactful CTAs. Depending on your campaign goal, the available fields may evolve, ensuring tailored ad content that resonates with your audience.

    1. Create a Story ads

Story ads let you reach your target audience with a branded tile in the Discover feed. Snapchatters can tap into your ad and see a collection of three to 20 snaps. You could show off a new fashion collection, product launches, or special releases.