The Hospitalist Company

The Hospitalist Company – Web Development 

The Hospitalist Comnpany offers help for medical centers and hospitals. They have a group of doctors with different specialties. Doctors offers backup in emergency care, hospital care, rehab & nursing care and long-term acute care. In the early months of 2020, IIS E-Solutions collaborated with a medical business once more. Because what we do helps people who need these services.

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They asked us to create a clean web presence in a short periode. It was a challenge for our team to finish on time. But we believe in our developers and we know their skills that’s why we accepted the challenge.

We worked closely with the owner and the staff, and we were able to deliver a fast and mobile friendly website as they wanted within the deadline we agreed on before


Client: The Hospitalist Company
Location: US
Category: Medical
Since: 2020