1. AdviceTok

AdviceTok is your go-to place when you have questions, aren’t sure what to do with your life, or just need some comforting words. The advice could be as deep as tips on how to address burnout or have a healthy, loving relationship, while other times, it’s more light, like how putting honey on a blemish can cause it to disappear. 

    1. ArtTok

ArtTok is a place where visual artists come together to showcase their work, share their process, provide tips and tricks, educate their followers, and offer soothing process videos. Whether your preferred medium is painting, digital art, or sculpture, there’s a place for you on ArtTok. 

    1. BeautyTok

BeautyTok is the place to be if you love skincare, makeup, hair care, and a great mani/pedi. From tutorials to product reviews to conversational ‘get ready with me’ content, BeautyTok visitors will find everything they need to feel stunning. 

              4. CookTok

CookTok is a community of home and pro chefs alike. They share recipes, take viewers along for the ride as they cook a meal, and even react to other people’s cooking videos. You can also find a lot of CookTok creators on #RecipeTok. 

    1. BookTok

BookTok is a place for readers to find their newest obsession, talk about their favorite books, and build a sense of community around their love for literature. Whether you’re looking at more general recommendations with BookTok or you get more granular with a niche community like #CookBookTok, #ThrillerTok, or #NonFicTok, you’re sure to find new stories to add to your TBR list.

               6. DanceTok

TikTok is famous for its dances, so it only makes sense that there’s a whole community dedicated to them on the app. With professionals and amateurs alike trying out the latest trends and showing off their skills, DanceTok is always entertaining.