1. Collecting Information

Do not just settle with the generic information or brief given by the client. Drill down further to understand the product/service and try to achieve clear and conclusive information about the design objective, customer preferences, competitors’ design outlook, primary features, key value proposition, and so on. It’s only when the designer understands the brands inside-out can he churn out designs that appeal to the customers.

    1. Defining Structure

The design structure should be arrived at after a healthy and debating discussion between, designers, marketers, business heads, and copywriters. The output shall clearly draw a guideline as to what the concept, design, color, imagery, and content combination shall be. You also have to consider time factor, design relevance, target audience, market trends, client’s requirements, budgets

    1. Creating Multiple Designs and Concepts

After concluding on different design structures and combinations, try out multiple concepts by distributing designing tasks to your resource teams. Do this by creating a sense of competition among them, this will tickle their competitive and creative juices and bring out the best design options.

    1. Designing with the Client and Not for the Client

If possible, it’s important to take your clients’ feedback and work along with them at every stage of your creative design. This will increase client’s trust in your graphic design services, and help you create effective designs. Also, remember to give the client a final surprise by adding your creative designing skills to your discussions, and presenting an amazing and compelling design.

    1. Design Presentation and Approval

Share your designs with your client with enough information as to why you have sketched a particular design, and then let the client take the final call. Sometimes clients may overlook a design on visual grounds but with your creative experience you can justify the design with ample evidence and ideas. This is where adding crucial design information to each design is important.